Sunday, October 31, 2010

Purple Quiche!

This is just your basic quiche recipe with an extra special twist. It was made with some beautiful, royal purple cauliflower. The results were eye catching and delicious.

I tried to grow purple cauliflower this year, but I planted it too late. It takes much longer that its white and orange counterparts to develop. Still, I wanted to see how the color held up to being baked, so I picked up one at the local farmers market for $3.

I followed a pretty basic recipe.

Fill pie shell with veggies:

Mix eggs, half and half, fresh ground pepper, spices.
Pour mixture over veggies, top with cheese and bake. Then cut and eat. Bon Appetite.

This would be great addition to a MN Vikings football party. However, I think the best use for this is to get kids excited about eating there veggies. Never underestimate the power of novelty.